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Our mission for the first 100 days of the Biden Administration, our Faithful Agenda, is the moral voice that guides our actions and policy priorities.

With five pillars, we are covering a lot of ground because the problems we face are big. Can you join in to help solve them?

Join us for a weekly inspiration and information on how we can act to implement this Faithful Agenda in Washington!


Check out our messaging guide for how to talk about the Faithful Agenda in compelling ways whcih move people to action!

Use this resource to inspire people to take action that helps pass policies that promote justice for all. You know your community best – please feel free to adapt what’s here to resonate with your faith and audience.

Inclusive Democracy


Send a letter to your Senator to ensure they prioritize a democracy that protects and expands voting rights for all by passing the For the People Act (HR 1)

Racial Justice


Tell your Member of Congress: Cosponsor Reparations Commission

Pandemic Response

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We emailed our members of Congress demanding COVID-19 relief and they listened to the moral cry of the people and passed a major relief bill!

LGBTQ dignity

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Our faiths teach that every human being has inherent dignity and worth. The Equality Act would ensure that every person, no matter where they decide to make their home, would be protected from discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity.


Add your name to our petition to Congress in support of the Equality Act now!

Citizenship for all

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Congress has an opportunity to set our nation on a better moral path by taking bold action for justice. Citizenship can’t wait.

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