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Our Work in Florida

Faith in Public Life Action Florida is working alongside Floridians Protecting Freedom to limit government interference with abortion by passing Issue 4. If you are a faith leader in Florida, we need your voice in this fight! 

A note from Faith in Public Life Action's Florida Organizing Manager, Od'Juan Whitfield: 

"Faith leaders across Florida are committed to loving our neighbors by protecting their freedom to make the best decisions for themselves, their families and their communities. Our beliefs implore us to respect the sacredness of our ability to discern right action particularly in complex matters around our reproductive health. This stance is not rooted in politics, but in our unwavering commitment to loving our neighbors by protecting their dignity and agency. People of faith who believe in justice and community must be on the frontlines fighting for accessible and comprehensive reproductive care to protect the most vulnerable in our state. This is why Faith in Public Life Action is calling on people of all faiths to vote YES on Amendment 4."

Sign up to get connected with our work with Floridians Protecting Freedom and the 2024 ballot initiative to protect reproductive freedom in Florida!

Access to Reproductive Care

Faith has been used as a wedge issue to limit and ban access to abortion care and other forms of reproductive health care, perpetuating a narrative that just isn’t true. We know that more than 60% of every religious and ethnic group except for white evangelicals opposed overturning Roe v. Wade.


Yet extremist judges and legislators have stripped Floridians of our right to seek abortion care. Their agenda, rooted in white Christian nationalism, is an unholy threat to freedom and flourishing. We will not allow our faith to be hijacked in order to deny us the care we need and desire.

Faith on the Frontlines


Faith leaders in Florida are coming together across racial and faith divisions to speak out and take action in support of free, fair and accessible elections. We are working together to lower barriers to vote and disrupt right wing, extremist and White Christian nationalist efforts to undermine elections.

Learn more about attacks on our rights through unjust and racist redistricting, and lawmakers and people of faith fighting back!

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