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Thursday, Jan 6, 2022



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Florida Faith Leaders Speak Out On Jan. 6th Anniversary


Jacksonville, FL –On the 1st anniversary of the Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol, faith leaders from across Florida are speaking out.  



Rabbi Jack Romberg, Ponte Vedra

“Both of my parents were refugees from Germany, fleeing to the United States because of the suppression of the Jewish people by the Nazi government. They pointed out the huge difference between dictatorial Germany and the democratic republic United States, raising me to admire our country. However, on January 6, 2021, Mom watched the riot and attack on the Capitol, based on the falsehood being pushed by President Trump and his supporters. She called me and said, ‘I still miss your dad, but am glad he is not living to see what our country is now becoming.’ She felt, and I agreed, that the riot and violence by groups on January 6, 2021 was making us similar to the German country that existed in the early 1930s. The rioters on January 6, 2021, were supporting the lie that the election had been a fraud. Engaging in violence and falsehood not only destroys our country, but undermines the true purpose of our religions as well.”


The Rev. Dr. Russell L. Meyer, Executive Director, Florida Council of Churches, Tampa

"On January 6 every year, the church remembers sages from afar who brought gifts to the infant Christ child and returned home on the backroads to avoid the violent ruler of the land. From 2021 forward the church will also remember the violent attempt to overthrow an otherwise peaceful and decisive election in this country. Acts of violence and manipulation of democratic processes by force are a rejection of the values both of the Prince of Peace and of "a government of the people, by the people and for the people." As Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg, that under God this democracy "shall not perish from the earth." Let none of us however take our democracy for granted. We must engage in the civil discourse on which true democracy thrives, pledging to pursue the general welfare of all and committed to non-violence without any pretense. We can disagree over how best to promote our common wellbeing and defense, but let us never turn on one another and denigrate their citizenship. Our better angels are always calling us to seek new solutions that build up the whole of us. Let the insurrection of January 6, 2021 be our object lesson of the horror and the damage that occurs when we get our politics wrong. Those who brought about the violence and attempted a political coup must be held accountable. That is but the minimum of our collective response. Even more important is that all of us must raise ourselves to higher levels of civil engagement as we become the world's first truly multicultural democracy. And on that, Heaven can smile."





Faith in Public Life Action is a national movement of clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equality and the common good. Together, with a network of over 50,000 leaders, they are leading the fight to advance just policies at the state and federal level that affirm our values and the human dignity of all.

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