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Faith in Public Life Action Releases Trailer for New Podcast “Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation,” Launching on Juneteenth


Monday, June 10, 2024


Lizzy Ganssle,, 203-623-2271


Faith in Public Life Action Releases Trailer for New Podcast “Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation,” Launching on Juneteenth

Guests include Rep. Jim Clyburn; Black Voters Matter Co-Founder, LaTosha Brown; Senior Advisor at the Women’s March, Noor Mir; and Community Dharma Leader, Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, June 19, Faith in Public Life Action will launch its heavily anticipated podcast, “Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation.” Hosted by Faith in Public Life Action CEO Jeanné Lewis, the podcast delves into the complexities and nuances of faith in a world that often demands binaries.


Ahead of the podcast launch, Faith in Public Life Action CEO Jeanné Lewis stated: “Our podcast, ‘Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation,’ is a platform for challenging the status quo and advocating for a more just and equitable society. In a political climate that often forces us into divisive binaries, we are committed to uncovering the diverse experiences and perspectives shaped by our faith. By amplifying voices from various religious backgrounds and the ways that those backgrounds inspire us into action today, we aim to inspire others to take liberatory action as a manifestation of their faith. Especially as we approach this election season, it is crucial to lift up peace- and justice-focused faith voices and fight against the weaponization of faith in political spaces. Each episode is a call to action, urging listeners to engage in meaningful dialogue, participate in the political process, and lead with our shared values to address the urgent issues facing our nation today.”


“Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation” brings together interfaith guests from diverse backgrounds and shares their unique faith journeys to help us take actions and identify solutions as we navigate some of today's most complex issues.


Lewis and guests discuss topics such as the power of interfaith work, preventing political violence, and the dangers of white Christian nationalism. The show fosters conversations that guide us on how to lead, through our faith, in a world full of uncertainty. 


Season one features discussions with highly influential leaders, as well as segments called “Transformative Wisdom” that highlight the stories of bold and courageous action in communities across the country. “Transformative Wisdom” segments highlight ways that faith leaders are engaging their neighbors to help create a community of belonging that is safe and welcoming to all. 


Season one guests include: LaTosha Brown (Black Voters Matter); Congressman Jim Clyburn; Noor Mir; Florida Rep. Angie Nixon; Brad Onishi; and Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde. 


You can listen to “Wrestling Out Loud: Faith and Liberation” here. New episodes are released every other week. 

Faith in Public Life Action uses the moral imperative for justice, inclusion and equity to advocate for policy change that ensures our full humanity is protected by law. We do this by building and leveraging the power of a multifaith, multiracial coalition of highly influential faith leaders to advocate for policies that protect and advance our sacred human rights.


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