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God desires a life of flourishing and dignity for all of us. That’s why we’re committed to enacting policies that help us all vote and help us all  thrive. As people of faith, we are demanding that Congress pass the American Jobs and Families Plan and the For the People Act -- common sense policies that will help us provide a sustainable life for our families and hold our heads high. 

A strong democracy and an economy that allows everyone to flourish go hand in hand. When we are free to choose who writes our laws, we can create policies that help us all -- and then we will have a Holy Recovery. 


Check out our Holy Recovery Advocacy Training here.


Don't Filibuster a Holy Recovery!

God wants a life of dignity and flourishing for all of us. No matter what we look like or how we earn a living, we all deserve a government that respects our voice and responds to our needs so we can provide for our families. But right now a faction of Senators are exploiting the filibuster loophole to block needed change. 

Tell Congress: We Demand a Holy Recovery

We call for a holy recovery to salve the wounds of injustice and lay the foundation for a future of flourishing and dignity. Congress has a moral responsibility to enact these common sense policies that help all of us thrive. 

Call your Senators!

Call your Senators today to tell them that we are all worth investing in! Together, we must push Congress to pass common sense laws like the American Jobs and Families Plans that invest in our collective future and build a #HolyRecovery.

Join an advocacy visit with your Senators

Faith leaders will have a critical role to play in advancing the American Jobs and Families Plan to support our communities. Sign up today to indicate interest in setting up a legislative meeting with your Senators this summer. 


We have a series of trainings to equip you to advocate for a Holy Recovery, speak to your representatives about the issues, and be empowered to make a difference!

Check out the launch Holy Recovery event here, our training on advocacy here and our training on messaging here.

You can also read our Holy Recovery resource guide here.

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