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Our Work in Georgia

Informed voters make better choices. Join fellow Dougherty County Residents for the Meet the Candidates Forum to hear from candidates running in School Board District 2 Special Election. Hear from these candidates so you can make an informed decision at the ballot. Election Day is June 15th! 

Defending Democracy

Our faith traditions call us to help create a world that honors the dignity of all people. It’s time for us to push for reforms that provide stability to our electoral systems and address inequity in the right to vote. The recent voter suppression legislation laws enacted in Georgia will make it hard for people to use their voice and advance effective change. 

The For the People Act (S.1) is a bold, comprehensive bill that would increase the accessibility and transparency of our democracy by bolstering the power of voters and dismantling centuries of voter disenfranchisement. We must demand that all are given the sacred right to vote. 

Faith in Public Life Georgia has been hard at work this state legislative cycle opposing attacks on voting rights and souls-to-the-polls efforts, mobilizing people of faith to support a clean budget that provides funding to families struggling to make ends meet in the pandemic, and advocating for the repeal of “citizen’s arrest” legislation that puts communities of color at risk for their safety. 


On March 9, Faith in Public Life Action Georgia was joined by State Senator Kim Jackson for a conversation about politics at the capitol and how advocates can best leverage their voices as people of faith.

Voting Rights in Georgia

On March 10, Faith in Public Life Action Georgia hosted a press conference to reject moving legislation that would make voting harder and less accessible in Georgia. 

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