Faith in Public Life Action Releases Findings From New Poll on Values Voters in Battleground States


September 8, 2016



Michelle Nealy,, 202-735-7123


Faith in Public Life Action Releases Findings from New Poll on Values Voters in Battleground States 


Washington, D.C. -- Faith in Public Life Action Fund and Expedition Strategies have released key findings from 1,208 interviews conducted with likely voters who self-identify as Catholic or evangelical Christian, attend services regularly, and live in battleground states.


This memo focuses on two strategically important subgroups – white Catholic women and white millennial evangelicals. These voters are part of blocs that traditionally vote for Republican presidential candidates – in 2012 Romney won white Catholics overall by a margin of 19 percentage points (59% to 40%) and won white Evangelicals by 57 percentage points (78% to 21%).

As has been widely reported, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump struggle with high unfavorability ratings. Our findings show that Trump is facing a unique set of challenges with key religious voters who will be decisive in electing the next president.


To view the poll memo, click here.


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