Faith Group’s Ohio Newspaper Ads Call on Senator Portman not to cut Medicaid


June 13, 2017



Michelle Nealy,

Amanda Hoyt, 483-3168


Faith Group’s Ohio Newspaper Ads Call on Senator Portman not to cut Medicaid

Columbus, Ohio -- On Tuesday, June 13th, Faith in Public Life Action Fund launched a targeted ad campaign focused on rural communities across Ohio and calling on Sen. Rob Portman not to cut funding to the 600,000 Ohioans who now access Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The ads ask Sen. Portman to vote “no” on Congress’ immoral, cruel American Health Care Act (AHCA) and to reject any other bill that strips health care away from millions of Americans and devastates rural hospitals and rural jobs by gutting Medicaid.

Reports by the Columbus Dispatch and others indicate that Sen. Portman is drafting a proposal to phase out federal Medicaid subsidies over the course of seven years. 

The full-page advertisement urging Senator Portman to protect Medicaid will be featured in seven rural Ohio newspapers: the Daily Sentinel (Pomeroy), the Clermont Sun, the Ripley Bee, the News Democrat (Georgetown), the Brown County Press, the People's Defender (West Union), and the Athens Messenger with a combined circulation of 74,500.

Rural Ohio currently faces dual health and economic crises of epic proportions. The triplet evils of opioids, unemployment and cuts to health care funding are decimating thousands of small towns and rural communities. If rural Ohio loses Medicaid expansion then the fragile opioid infrastructure that has been created will be in jeopardy.  

The ads will run June 13-18th.

Amanda Hoyt, Ohio Director, Faith in Public Life Action:

“We hope these ads remind Senator Portman of the grave impact Congress’ health care bill would have on rural Ohio particularly. Nearly one million Ohioans would lose coverage, including low-wage workers, the disabled, the elderly, the mentally ill and children, those Scripture tells us to care for first. Senator Portman is in a position to be a vital voice for the vulnerable. I pray that he has the moral courage to do what is right."