Faith Group Takes Aim at Trump’s Immoral Rhetoric in New Ohio Campaign Ads

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October 6, 2016

Faith Group Takes Aim at Trump’s Immoral Rhetoric in New Ohio Campaign Ads


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- On Thursday, Oct. 6th, Faith in Public Life Action Fund launched a groundbreaking ad campaign aimed at Catholic and evangelical voters across Ohio, which calls attention to Donald Trump’s immoral rhetoric and positions during this election season.


Highlighting Mr. Trump’s own words praising dictators, demeaning women, inciting violence and saying he doesn’t need to repent, the ads ask if such rhetoric is the kind of leadership Christians want. They also call on Trump to be more respectful.


Recent polling data confirms major changes in the attitudes of many traditionally conservative leaning voters. Numerous polls show Catholics supporting Clinton over Trump - a reversal of four years ago when Romney won more Catholic support than Obama. Faith in Public Life Action’s own polling revealed a generation gap among evangelicals, with millennial evangelicals much more skeptical of Trump and his extreme proposals.


The polling shows that both Catholic and evangelicals voters think Trump fails to demonstrate the type of moral leadership that voters feel is important in a presidential candidate. With so many Ohio polls showing the presidential race virtually tied, these religious voters could determine which candidate wins the state.


This highly targeted ad buy will focus on reaching religious voters online via Facebook, YouTube, Pandora and online news sites. As part of a larger effort including other battleground states, the Ohio ads will run in the Cincinnati and Columbus media markets.


Rev. Joel A. Esala, Executive Director of Family and Children's Ministries:

As a Christian, I have a moral obligation to set a high moral standard for our children to follow. Mr. Trump’s demonization of communities of color, women and immigrants is reprehensible and not aligned with the words or the deeds of the Bible and I must fervently reject it.


To view the advertisements, click here.