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voter mobilization

Voting is about making our nation better for future generations. When we vote, we elect officials who will impact our daily lives: governors, mayors, city council members or state lawmakers. 


Through our innovative civic engagement programs -- Faithful Voter and Votante Fiel -- Faith in Public Life Action Fund is bringing  African-American and Latino voters to the polls.  With our powerful Voter Impact Month, we are helping people everywhere get their voices heard. 

Faithful Voter
Votante Fiel


Faithful Voter in Florida, Georgia and Ohio is building power in African-American communities. The program works to increase voter registration and voting and overcome efforts to limit access to the ballot box. We are recruiting pastors to preach on the importance of voting and ask members of their congregation to sign ‘I’m a Faithful Voter’ pledge cards. Those cards are returned to the voter by mail just before the election as a reminder of their pledge. 

VF party 9.29.18.JPG


Votante Fiel is a faith-driven Latino voter education, mobilization, and leadership development program. Through Votante Fiel, Faith in Public Life Action Fund partners with local Latino leaders to encourage their Latino friends and family to commit to voting. In house meetings, church events, and one on one meetings, Latinos receive training and tools in proven techniques for encouraging infrequent voters through phone calls and pledge cards. 

impact the vote

October is Faith in Public Life Action Fund’s “Voter Impact Month.” We invite you to join with us throughout the month to support our field organizers, local clergy, and community members to turn voters out to vote our shared values of justice, equality and compassion. We have a goal of raising $10,000.

Between healthcare, immigrant’s rights, voting rights, prioritizing people over corporations and common decency, there is so much at stake.


Impact the Vote
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