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We believe that a life of dignity and flourishing is what God wants for all of us. We all deserve to rest assured at the end of the day that the people we love have everything they need. Right now, Congress has an opportunity to build a Holy Recovery through making historic economic investments in our communities and strengthening our sacred right to vote. Our elected leaders have a moral responsibility to lay the foundation for a flourishing life and declare that we are all worth investing in. 


From advancing voting rights to advocating for pathways to citizenship to ensuring families have what they need to flourish, the faith community is united in our commitment to human dignity. Like a chorus, when we lift our voices together we create an inspiring message that cannot be ignored. 


Join us each day from August 22nd through August 28th for events hosted by a variety of faith partners, ranging from trainings to prayer calls to advocacy days. 

Each day of the week of action will focus on a different theme:

  • Sunday 8/22: United in Faith for Voting Rights 

  • Monday 8/23: United in Faith for Citizenship

  • Tuesday 8/24: United in Faith for Tax Justice

  • Wednesday 8/25: United in Faith-Demanding Recovery for All

  • Thursday 8/26: Pray and Act for Careworkers  

  • Friday 8/27: United in Faith for Climate Justice

  • Saturday 8/28: March on Washington for Voting Rights 

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

United in Faith for Voting Rights

Hosted by Faithful Democracy


August 22

3 p.m. ET

Today, state legislatures are pushing America back to the Jim Crow era with laws that reinstate systemic discrimination at the ballot box. Ahead of the 58th anniversary of the March on Washington for Voting Rights, join Faithful Democracy and March on for a virtual kickoff on Sunday, August 22 at 3pm ET. Together, faith leaders will  share about the spiritual struggle against voter suppression and be inspired to march! Register here.

United in Faith for Citizenship

Hosted by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition


August 23

12 - 12:30 p.m. ET

Join faith partners from around the country from 12 to 12:30 pm ET to share in prayers for pathways to citizenship; hear testimonies from essential workers; and receive resources for actions that you and your faith community can use each week to urge long-awaited opportunities for citizenship to be offered to our immigrant friends, neighbors, and congregation members! Register here.

United in Faith for Tax Justice

Hosted by NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice


August 24

7 p.m. ET

Join NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice on August 24th at 7:00 p.m. ET in exploring the ways the U.S. tax code disadvantages women and people of color and join with others to reimagine a new tax code that builds a just and inclusive society. In this interactive workshop, you will follow five different families through a lifetime of tax code implications, exploring how specific policies impact people differently based on their race, gender and wealth. You'll then work with a small group to complete a specific task related to reimagining the tax code and what we could do together if the wealthy paid their fair share. Register here.

United in Faith-Demanding Recovery for All

Hosted by Domestic Human Needs Coalition


August 25

2 p.m. ET

Right now we have a historic opportunity to ensure every person has life where they can flourish. Join the Domestic Human Needs coalition in a Day of Action to ensure Congress enacts legislation that is equal to the daunting challenges we face, creates a just and fair economy that honors the dignity of all people, and reckons with longstanding racial and gender injustice the pandemic has exacerbated. This moment requires a generational investment in our families and communities.

More information to come.

United in Faith for Care Workers

Hosted by Faith in Public Life Action


August 24

12-12:30 p.m. ET

In our third week of our “Pray and Act for a Holy Recovery” series, we will gather from 12:00-12:30pm ET to Pray and Act for Care workers. We’ll hear from care workers, pray and then call our members of Congress to urge them to build  a care economy that supports workers and our families. We all share the need for care - for ourselves and our loved ones. But care workers, who are disproportionately women of color, are grossly underpaid for their essential work. We demand investment in care workers, including living wages, benefits and a pathway to citizenship for those who need it. Register here.

United in Faith for Climate Justice

Hosted by Creation Justice Ministries


August 27

12 p.m. ET

Join us for a day of action to ask our congressional leaders to invest in climate action and creation justice! Sign up for this virtual event on August 27th at 12 p.m. ET to join people of faith in calling your members of Congress, asking them to pass a climate budget that includes important, once-in-a-generation investments in climate change prevention and resilience. Register here!

March on Washington for Voting Rights

The 58th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Voting Rights Rally


August 28

Your Vote is Your Voice. We can’t let anyone take that away! Join Faithful Democracy and partner organizations on August 28th at 8:00AM ET to march and rally on Capitol Hill. Marching is a form of nonviolent protest, and protest is a form of democratic expression older than America itself. March to shine the light of truth on what is happening in state legislatures, ensure that Americans understand what’s at stake, and give people a mechanism to demand action on this most urgent issue of our generation. Sign up here.

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