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Our Build Back Better Stories

I am excited about the millions of people who would have access to healthcare due to the provisions in the build back better bill. Many of my relatives have suffered for lack of healthcare coverage.

Rev. Jennifer Butler, Bethesda, MD

Many of the benefits will come from improved health as we electrify transportation and find cleaner ways to generate power. We know that kids who ride electric school buses, for instance, perform better on standardized tests than those who ride Diesel buses. We can anticipate similar benefits for adults on cleaner public transport.


Wind and solar power could have prevented the blackouts in Texas last winter and saved lives.


I think we will see unexpected health and community benefits from building back better and establishing (we hope) new standards for looking after one another. This is an area where science, technology and faith can be big winners.

Dean Sigler, Aloha, OR

I just retired from teaching in a school district where families lack almost everything in sufficient quantities to make life better than a constant struggle. Day care would be helpful as would efforts to stop global warming and pollution in general as this community is one of those that is seen as a place to process hazardous waste. It has been abandoned by corporations that took their jobs overseas, and the major employers in the area bring in workers from outside for the jobs that actually pay reasonable wages. Then, there's the Delaware River and local creek that will flood should more extreme rain events occur. If employed properly, the Build Back Better Act could really make a difference here in Chester, PA.

Ruth Sheets, Brookhaven, PA

My story, well, I have been trying to become a homeowner for more than 5 yrs now and every time we are almost there the goalpost is moved. I have worked for the same employer for more then 20 yrs, County of San Bernardino and because the price of everything is going sky high saving to buy a home is almost impossible. If the bill really does help invest in the African American community we need to start with undoing all the years of under representation we have had. We had our ancestors beat and lynched and us forced out of the American dream. Stick to your promises and pass the build back better plan. You gave up on minimum wage, the John Lewis voting rights bill and the George Floyd justice in policing act please Dems do something you promised or I like others will be giving up and going independent. You ask for our votes we give you our votes and we get nothing in return and you wonder why we in and African American community have given up. From the very beginning you have been like Lucy you show us the football you tell us vote for me and I will make a difference then we take the run to kick the ball you move it or the goalpost and we are sick of it. HOLD the LINE for the People for a change instead of your wealthy donors.

L'Rea Robinson, San Bernandino, CA

It's not just about the fact that BBB is good for me. It’s about the human infrastructure in America.

It's actually good for Congress and the federal budget. Every second a significant number of Baby Boomers turns 65. Ask the CBO what the real number is. Ask what the life expectancy is for all those Boomers. You may get a little nervous when you hear those numbers.

But wait, that's not all. Multi-generational living has disappeared. There is plenty of luxury living for seniors with lots of money, and nursing homes for those who may not need skilled care, but can't live alone. There is no such thing as "affordable" housing for the rest of America.


Both of my parents died in their late 80's, and both suffered from Alzheimer’s. I got laid off when I was 64, having worked full time as a nurse ever since I was 22, and of course I paid into Social Security and Medicare each and every single one of those years. Now there are a bunch of members of Congress who should be impeached and sent back home where they came from, because they're not working for me or my fellow citizens. They're working to line their own pockets, and to ensure the ongoing wealth of the people who are going to pollute the only planet we have until we all succumb to the environmental disaster we’ve caused. Don't worry - it won't be too bad for us in the end. Big Pharma and other kinds of Dark Money won't allow us to be taken care of at home, safely, with dignity, and pain free. They're gonna continue to live off of the dollars we contributed to the common good, calling us socialists while their motto is GREED FOR ALL WHO CAN GRAB IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT!! Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Pamela Senesac, Framingham, MA

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