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Columbus Faith Leaders Hold ‘Faith Votes No’ Rally Ahead of August 8th Election


Wednesday, August 2, 2023



Austin Schuler,, 540-280-3393


Columbus Faith Leaders Hold ‘Faith Votes No’ Rally Ahead of August 8th Election 


Columbus, Ohio – On August 2nd, over 60 Columbus faith leaders rallied together, ahead of the August 8th election, to encourage people of faith to vote NO on Issue 1.  


This resolution would destroy the sacred principle of “one person one vote.” As people of faith, we must continue to pray without ceasing, not just with our words and thoughts but with our actions and ballots. We must organize our congregations, our communities and our neighbors to protect those who are marginalized and to protect our democracy. 


For a recording of the event, click here. 


For pictures and video, click here. 


State Representative Dr. Mary Lightbody (House District 4)

“It's an honor to stand here today as a member of the church, as a member of the Ohio House and as a member of the faith community to share with a broader audience…that it's very important that every person in Ohio who is registered to vote takes advantage of early voting until Sunday and votes in person on Tuesday, and I recommend a no vote.”


Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens, First Congregational Church

“This is a truly ‘of the people’ moment…of the clergy and the leaders of three faith traditions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity…coming together to say no, no, no on Issue 1. We are here to say no and the reason that we come to this point is out of our faith conviction.”


Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kee, New Faith Baptist Church of Christ

“We unapologetically say no to this particular amendment. We need equality for all the people, not just some of the people, not just elitism and classism. We need equality for all of Ohio.”


Rev. Jed Dearing, Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square

“Our state government doesn't just need a quick maintenance, a quick tune up, but put up on the rack and given a full repair…They're trying to take our tools, the tool of the vote of the people. And we will vote no.”


Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh, Ohio Council of Churches

“You have heard the voices of faith leaders from Columbus and the surrounding area. We are all on the same page. Issue 1 has to be a no vote.” 


Rabbi Hillel Skolnik, Congregation Tifereth Israel

“When it comes to listening to the people, there can be no way to listen to the people if you tried to silence voices, if you tried to allow for the tyranny of the minority, if you tried to change an institution and a constitution that has been working for our state for 100 years. That is the opposite of the message of what Moses reminded the Israelites so many years ago.”


Amina Barhumi, CAIR Ohio

“This special election takes away our most powerful tool to hold our elected officials or to keep holding our elected officials accountable in our fight for fair maps and against gerrymandered districts and a gerrymandered legislator. It is my religious and moral obligation as a Muslim to speak truth to power and encourage others around me to do the same.”


Dr. Katelin Hansen, United Methodist Church and Community Development for All People

“People of faith have a long legacy of democratic elections. And we have a responsibility to protect this right for all of God's people.”


Sara Abou Rashed, poet

“Issue 1 is simply un-American. It makes it harder for people's voices to be heard. We are America, and today we are Ohio. Vote no.” 




Faith in Public Life Action is a national movement of clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equality and the common good. Together, with a network of over 50,000 leaders, they are leading the fight to advance just policies at the state and federal level that affirm our values and the human dignity of all.

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