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Ahead of President Trump’s Visit to Charlotte, Clergy Denounce Sexist and Homophobic Rhetoric of Rev. Mark Harris


August 30, 2018


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Ahead of President Trump’s Visit to Charlotte, Clergy Denounce Sexist and Homophobic Rhetoric of Rev. Mark Harris


CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On Thursday, August 30th, faith and community leaders gathered to denounce sexist and homophobic rhetoric of Rev. Mark Harris, former pastor of Charlotte's First Baptist Church.


In a 2013 sermon, Harris discusses "God's plan for biblical womanhood" and argues that society "created a culture and created an environment that have made it extremely difficult for any woman…to live out and fulfill God's design."


In 2012, Harris helped lead the effort to pass North Carolina’s Amendment 1, which amended the state constitution to ban marriage between same-sex couples. In 2016, he likewise campaigned for HB2, North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” that mandated discrimination against transgender people.


To view a video, click here.

Rev. Melissa McQueen, Many Voices:

“I’m here to unapologetically state that my faith does not discriminate. As a proud same-gender-loving woman, a mother, spouse, and a veteran, the God that I know, the God that I love, and the God that loves me is a God that loves everyone. Rev. Mark Harris’ statements are deeply problematic for women and the LGBTQ community particularly and all North Carolinians. We desire to raise our children in a space that is judgment free and a community that reflects acceptance of all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or class. Statements like these encourage bullying and the repercussions can be traumatic.”


Rev. Bruce Baker-Rooks, Pastor at SouthPark Christian Church:

“As clergy and faith leaders there are times when we must hold accountable the words and teachings of our colleagues in ministry, especially when those words and teachings serve to demean, devalue, and dismiss the worth and dignity of other human beings. Today, I stand before you to stand up and speak out against the words and teachings of Rev. Mark Harris – especially when it comes to the worth and value of women and every member of the LGBTQ community.”



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