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Faith Communities &The 2020 Election

While every election is important, 2020 is a defining crossroads on our nation’s moral journey. As voters of faith, we must vote our values and help others vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We face a clear choice between dignity and cruelty, healing and exploitation, right and wrong. Bigotry is on the ballot, our nation is hurting, and democracy hangs in the balance.

Our vote is our say in whether dignity or bigotry will be the guiding principle of this nation. As we work to contain COVID, rebuild the economy and reckon with racism, people of faith must vote for our values of community and dignity, equality and love of neighbor. People’s lives are at stake, and the choice is clear.


We’ve been praying for so long, and sacrificing so much, to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone wants to safely resume everyday life, send our kids to safe classrooms, and get back to work, but stopping the spread of the virus has to come first or we’ll never get back to anything like normal. We must elect leaders who listen to experts and base decisions on science, not wishful thinking or political self-interest. 



In a historic first, Faith in Public Life Action has endorsed Joe Biden for President and Sen. Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States. This endorsement is our first-ever statement of direct support for a presidential and vice presidential candidate. 


A Biden-Harris administration can steer our nation toward justice, dignity and health. After four years under the presidency of a vicious and vitriolic white supremacist, we need a steady and empathetic leader in the White House who believes in democracy, supports policy solutions that address our nation’s most serious challenges, and rejects cruelty and bigotry.

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