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N.C. Faith Leaders Denounce Mark Harris’ Anti-Muslim Statements


November 2, 2018



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N.C. Faith Leaders Denounce Mark Harris’ Anti-Muslim Statements

Charlotte, N.C. -- Mark Harris, a former Charlotte-based pastor, has made harshly critical remarks about Islam throughout his time as a pastor, CNN’s KFile revealed Friday. In light of this development, religious leaders have issued the following statements.

Rev. Nancy E. Allison, Holy Covenant UCC:

“Behind the closed doors of First Baptist Church, Mark Harris has spoken the convictions of his faith, his heart and soul. In addition to reminding women that they must stay in their “submissive” place, he has denigrated our sibling faiths, both Jews and Muslims. Harris’ brand of conservatism is one that elevates the power and privilege of white evangelicals to the detriment of all minority groups.  He is so committed to maintaining an authoritarian structure throughout society that he cannot possibly represent all of the citizens of the ninth district.”


Rev. Amantha Barbee, Statesville Avenue Presbyterian:

“What a sad and horrendous day it is when one who calls himself a man of God and denounces what God created. It is a dangerous, uneducated, and judgmental action to think or speak negatively against another's religion. Christianity teaches love and acceptance of all. The greatest reminder I would offer to anyone seeking to believe this rhetoric. Jesus was Jewish! We need people in office who see God's image in everyone, no matter what they look like, their culture, their religion or Creed.”

Rev. Jay Leach, Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte:

“While I support Rev. Mark Harris’ right to engage in personal religious leadership within a particular congregation, he is plainly and simply not a suitable political leader for our vibrant, pluralistic district. For many years, he has engaged in repeated attacks on women, on Muslims, on members of the LGBTQ community, and on others who do not share his regressive worldview. He has embraced and embodied the mean-spirited politics of dishonesty and divisiveness.  As both a minister and as a candidate his incendiary rhetoric demonstrates clearly that he is not someone we need in leadership.”

Rev. Greg Jarrell and Rev. Jennifer Helms Jarrell, QC Family Tree:

“Mark Harris' words are unfortunate, but they do represent him well. Mr. Harris has unfortunately rebelled against his baptismal vows and his ordination to Gospel ministry, and instead preaches and teaches the idol of white Christian nationalism. We call on him to repent, and to step away from public life so that someone fit for the task of governing with justice and love may step in.”


Faith in Public Life Action is a national network of over 50,000 clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice and the common good.

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