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National Faith Leader Responds to Sen. Joe Manchin


Monday, December 20, 2021



Austin Schuler, | 540-280-3393


National Faith Leader Responds to Sen. Joe Manchin


Faith in Public Life Action’s CEO, Jennifer Butler’s statement in response to Sen. Manchin (D-WV) declining to support of the Build Back Better bill


Washington, DC - “For months, people of faith have been working tirelessly to pass the Build Back Better bill because it will help people in every community thrive. We are appalled but undeterred by Sen. Joe Manchin’s cynical disregard for our neighbors who are struggling to get by and provide a dignified life for their families. 


“Across traditions and throughout Scripture, prophets deplore political leaders who abuse their power over marginalized people. Denying our neighbors and families the relief they need from the pandemic, exploitation by their bosses, oppressive costs of housing and health care, and the fear of deportation is a cold, cruel sin. 


“Sen. Manchin’s obstruction of Build Back Better also underscores the sickness of a system that enables a single, self-interested individual to thwart the overwhelming will of the people. 


“The Senate must not give up on the broadly supported provisions in Build Back Better. It must return in 2022 with renewed commitment and strategy to pass a bill that provides a lifeline at a time when so many families’ ships are sinking. Faith in Public Life Action will continue working to pass this bill until the job is done. We will continue to remind our legislators that our faith traditions demand justice for all of our neighbors. And we will continue to denounce obstructions by politicians who go against the broadly held principle that every person, regardless of creed or color, deserves the opportunity to thrive. We still believe there can be a Holy Recovery for the American people.”  




Faith in Public Life Action is a national movement of clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equality and the common good. Together, with a network of over 50,000 leaders, they are leading the fight to advance just policies at the state and federal level that affirm our values and the human dignity of all.

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